To see what one is hearing and to hear what one is seeing

A woman listens to a composition by Philip Glass. One gets the impression that the music serves
as background music for a low budget movie. The setting with a sexy woman in a living room is reminiscent
of a porn scene. She represents the strongly influenced socially constructed human being of the modern culture,
whose body is infected by cultural artifects. The music suggests a state of mind.
Eventually there is an unexpected moment at the end of the scene when it turns out that she is actually
listening to the assumed filmmusic. Because of the voyeuristic style I create an irritating inescapable
situation where it’s up to the viewer to interpret the scene using their own moral values.
The concept of the work is greatly influenced by time, therefore it’s important to see it in its total length.
In this composition of sound and psychological tention, the work reaches a temporary higher state which
could be seen as a metaphor for what we can not put into words (the problem of language, prejudices
and misinterpretation)

Duration 04:20 

Exhibition view, 1646