Budapest 2011

The work shows me and my partner visiting the famous touristic sights in Budapest. Despite of the anticipatary joy of tourists,
the situation turnes out to be common, left unaffected by the beauty of the places. What first seemed to be fragments of a
Holiday turned out to be a registration of communicative failure. As a matter of fact, I've been confronted with seeing myself
communicating without communicating. In contrast to the place and the expected joyful emotions that we would have liked
to capture, I was constantly thinking, analyzing and criticizing something.

Obviously I didn't make any distinction to any other places but felt more or less obligated to visit those places as a tour.
Yet I must have been encouraged by something at that place that gave offence to my behavior, though intriguingly my occur
can’t be logically connected to the place. At first I wasn’t aware of being filmed by my partner because he had another purpose
for leaving the camera steady. There was no intention to make this work.